Appearance of Signs

While traveling around this holiday season, I saw several examples of traffic signs used by individuals. If you have a long driveway that turns into a black hole at night, some reflective directional signs on the bends of your driveway will keep visitors arriving at night from driving into the ditch or trees. You can also mark your drive as “Private Road” in case the navigation devices think there is a connection to County Line Road through your property.

You can also use and re-use signs and banners to promote your fund-raisers or concerts. “But they are too expensive.” Carefully worded, the signs can be used for many years. “Choir concert this weekend,” or “See Santa Saturday and Sunday from 10-4.” While a little extra effort and expense, the signs will serve you for many years. (The hardest part may be keeping track of them year-to-year.)

If you have a high-turnover position or you have a high need for local employees, use an aluminum yard size to augment your staff search. “Elder Care Staff Needed,” or “Now Hiring CNC Operators.” A clear appeal with a phone number and your next candidate could be driving by your building. When the position fills, store the sign. Bring it out when you need staff again.

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