Appearance of Signs

While traveling around this holiday season, I saw several examples of traffic signs used by individuals. If you have a long driveway that turns into a black hole at night, some reflective directional signs on the bends of your driveway will keep visitors arriving at night from driving into the ditch or trees. You can also mark your drive as “Private Road” in case the navigation devices think there is a connection to County Line Road through your property.

You can also use and re-use signs and banners to promote your fund-raisers or concerts. “But they are too expensive.” Carefully worded, the signs can be used for many years. “Choir concert this weekend,” or “See Santa Saturday and Sunday from 10-4.” While a little extra effort and expense, the signs will serve you for many years. (The hardest part may be keeping track of them year-to-year.)

If you have a high-turnover position or you have a high need for local employees, use an aluminum yard size to augment your staff search. “Elder Care Staff Needed,” or “Now Hiring CNC Operators.” A clear appeal with a phone number and your next candidate could be driving by your building. When the position fills, store the sign. Bring it out when you need staff again.

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Yard signs

Everyone has seen them. Those plastic cardboard looking signs stuck along a roadside. Custom designed signs made to advertise your business or upcoming event can be a very useful tool. Keep the message clear and to the point. The main title, date and location, and time. A custom sign company can do this for you or if you decide to make your own signs, keep it nice looking. And after the event, don’t forget to remove those signs from the roadside.

Custom Designed Signs

Every once in a while you may get the urge to make your own signs. Here at you can do just that – make custom designed signs. It’s easy to do. Just add text, color, outlines. Don’t be afraid to explore the options available to you. With a bit of practice you’ll be able to say “I can design my own signs!”
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License Plates are Great Advertising Tools

Custom license plates are becoming more popular as a form of self expression. People get custom license plates to show their loyalty to a sports team, their college, their children’s college or branch of the military.

Some people like to get custom license plates is to display their profession: doctor, lawyer, realtor or professor can display their credentials on their custom license plates. Others may display their avocation: volunteer fireman, search and rescue or animal rescue.

It is a form of “rolling” advertising. By displaying a portion of their life on their custom license plates, they increase the likelihood that a random passerby will notice them.

People find custom-designed license plates fun to design. The customer can upload their favorite photo, a common saying or use the many designs available. For those who cannot put them on their vehicles, these durable “min-posters” can be put in lockers, on bedroom walls, over an office cubicle or on a door.

Spring has Sprung!

at least on the calendar. Still cold in the East. Start thinking about your signs needs for sporting events, garage sales, or concerts. We have banners, yard signs, and vehicle graphics – all of which you can design on-line at

SMTO Announces New Product Category

We have a new product category for Fire Companies, Personnel and EMS Units. Products include banners, vinyl lettering, helmet rockers and tets, decals and much more. We even added a clip-art section just for them.
If you know someone who is a part of emergency services, please share this with them.

Valentine’s Day is near!!

Less than 2 weeks till Valentine’s Day. Surprise your loved one with a banner, yard sign or special heart sign in the front yard.

Love Is In The Air!!! Valentines Day is fast approaching. Let everyone know how you feel about your loved one. Choose from banners, yard signs, or a special cut heart sign. It’s all under ‘Holiday Signs’ or ‘What’s Hot’. Order now. Don’t wait to the last minute!

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